It’s Pride Month, so we thought it was really important to discuss LGBTQ+ teens. We feel so fortunate that we got to interview Colette Dalton, LCSW. She helped us learn how we can be better allies. Colette’s personal and professional experience gave us so much to think about, and gave us many really important points to share with our daughters. 

  • LGBTQ+ Vocabulary and Vernacular
    • What each “letter” means in LGBTQSIA+
    • Pronoun usage
  • Creating an LGBTQ+ environment in our homes
    • Always speak like someone in your home is on the LGBTQ+ spectrum
    • If someone says something hurtful or incorrect, speak up
    • Include members of the LGBTQ community in your circle
  • How to support LGBTQ+ teens
    • Show love no matter what
    • Correct language and hurtful comments
    • Post supportive things on social media
    • Join the Gay Straight Alliance (GSA) (in high school)
    • Be a safe friend to everyone so others can open up to you (don’t gossip, keep confidences, be kind)