Lexie Kite, PhD., and her sister Lindsay Kite, PhD., are experts in the field of body image resiliency and the harmful effects of objectification. And they are our heroes. You can learn more about their work at morethanabody.org, and by watching Lindsay Kite’s TEDTalk.

We talked with Lexie about their newly released book, More Than a Body, which is a must-read. Check out Steph’s book review on our Instagram account.¬†

  • Teen girls and objectification
    • Sea of Objectification metaphor¬†
    • Self-objectification
  • Living as More than a Body
    • How girls are targeted
    • Let’s get mad about it
  • Body Image Resilience
    • Fight the objectification, not yourself
    • Fighting internalized shame
    • Helping others rise
    • Coming home to your body



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