I say I want my daughter to be a critical thinker. I want her to know how to look at situations, analyze, and think for herself… Except, then, she doesn’t always agree with me! 🙄 As tempting as it is to brainwash her into thinking exactly like me (because, I am, after all, always right!), I know in the long run, I’ll be glad if she’s learned how to be a critical thinker.


  • What critical thinking is
    • Critical thinking means making reasoned judgments that are logical and well-thought-out. (Study.com)
    • It’s all about asking questions!
  • Why critical thinking matters
    • Important in times of polarized news
    • Helps avoid undue influence by others
    • Helps teens become better learners and problem solvers
  • How to teach critical thinking
    • Explicit teaching works better than vague modeling
    • Help them formulate questions
    • Encourage them to gather information
    • Ask them to consider alternative explanations and solutions
    • Explore other viewpoints
    • Talk about biases
    • Consider implications