ADHD can be frustrating for parents AND teens. This week we dive into the ADHD brain – we talk about the hard AND the good! – and we give some strategies that you and your teen can use together.  Help your teen celebrate her brain the way it is and learn how to work WITH it. 

  • The ADHD Brain
  • Strategies for attention management
  • Strategies for impulsivity


Resources used for episode:

  • Elaine Tayler-Klaus & Diane Dempster (co-founders ImpactADHD), Parenting ADHD Now, Can buy here
  • Hacking Your ADHD Podcast, Episode “Coaching For Your Brain with Dr. Norrine Russell,” 
  • Katie Hurley, LCSW, “ADHD & Teens: How to Help Them Cope with Their Struggles” Psycom

Resources not used in episode but also super helpful:

  • Mary Rooney, PhD, “ADHD in Teens,” Childmind 
  • “Parenting Teens with ADHD,” CHADD
  • “ADHD Symptoms in Teens: Your Guide to Warning Signs & Treatment for Adolescents,” ADDitude
  • Instagram @impactparents @adhd_understood, @adhdmemetherapy, @motherhoodinadhd @helloiamadhd @adhdinchildrensupport