056 – Relaxation

Last week we focused on WORK – now this week we’re focusing on teaching our daughters about relaxation. However, it might not be the relaxation you’re thinking of… ⁠

055 – Work

Are your teens hard workers? Work ethic is a BIG deal, but sometimes we can feel a little guilty because we see all the things our teens don’t work hard at (hello, chores). ⁠ But then we watch how hard they work at swim practice, or with homework, or on the mural they are painting in their bedroom. So maybe they do have good work ethic? In this episode, we talk all about the benefits of hard work and how to teach your teen how to do it.

054 – LGBTQ+ Teens with Colette Dalton, LCSW

It’s Pride Month, so we thought it was really important to discuss LGBTQ+ teens. We feel so fortunate that we got to interview Colette Dalton, LCSW. She helped us learn how we can be better allies. Colette’s personal and professional experience gave us so much to think about, and gave us many really important points …