005- Undestanding Loneliness
This episode focuses on understanding loneliness in the teenage years. The talking points include: 

  1. Loneliness is common – especially in your teens. 
    • Young people suffer from loneliness more than any other age group. 
    • Loneliness can occur even when we’re surrounded by people.  It’s a feeling of being disconnected – not seen, not heard, not understood
  1. Understanding negative impacts of loneliness
    • Depression
    • Higher risks for substance abuse or risky behavior
    • Physical problems can even happen because of loneliness.
  1. Understanding the benefits of loneliness.
    • Creates empathy
    • A chance to get to know yourself and connect with YOU
    • An opportunity to try new groups and people and adventures
  2. Things to do when you feel lonely. 
    • Name it to tame it
    • Focus on connection rather than numbers of people
    • Get creative
    • Take care of yourself (sleep and exercise)
    • And more…