Episode 006- Orthorexia with Emily Fonnesbeck Cover Pic (1)
We interviewed dietician, Emily Fonnesbeck, for this episode. We discussed with Emily all about the eating disorder orthorexia – what it is, how to prevent it, and what to do if you’re worried about your daughter: 

  1. What orthorexia is. 
    • Orthorexia is not an official diagnosis, but is a new term to describe the growing obsession with perfect eating
    • Defining orthorexia can help validate that the struggles someone is having are real and pathological, not normal
    • Emily gives tips on how to talk about what this is with your teenage daughter
  1. How to prevent orthorexia
    • Recognize that eating disorders are bio-psycho-social
    • We don’t have control over the biological aspect that can make our daughters more vulnerable to getting an eating disorder
    • We can’t prevent the psychological vulnerabilities – but we can help our daughters manage their psychological tendencies (such as perfectionism)
    • We can help our daughters with the social pressures toward eating disorders by giving them a safe place where food and bodies are good and accepted
  1. What to do if you suspect your daughter might be struggling.
    • Don’t hesitate to get professional help – do not try to replace a dietician and/or therapist
    • Validate and reframe her struggles
    • Pay attention to how mentally flexible and receptive she is