Episode 007 - Developing Confidence Cover pic
We focus in this episode on ways you can help your teen daughter develop confidence. 
  1. What confidence is and how it can change EVERYTHING. 
    • Confidence is the belief that you’ll be successful or make the right choice in a particular situation. Act courageously! 
    • Confidence is nuanced – we can have confidence in some areas but not in others. 
    • Confident people are not necessarily loud, athletic, or popular – quiet, average people can be very confident.
    • Confidence affects everything – confident teens are more likely to be assertive, positive, and persistent.
  2. Confidence is like a muscle – it can grow.
    • We can improve confidence with practice
    • 3 Tips on developing confidence: pictures success, growth mindset, and practice failure.
  3. How parents can help.
    • Create strategy
    • Make friends with fear
    • Try to new things
    • Keep trying after failure
    • Be good example
    • Fake it ’til you make it
    • Be able to disagree
    • Have lots of conversations