008 - How to Start Talking About Sex Cover Pic
We both believe strongly in talking about sex a lot with our kids. We hope this keeps the doors open so they can talk with us about anything they come across. A lot of this episode will be helping you to know where to begin. 
  1. Why you and your daughter should talk about sex a lot together. 
    • If you don’t talk with her about sex, she’ll find her answers somewhere else.
    • Use books to help if needed
  1.  At least start talking about the basics of consent. 
    • Your daughter is not an object – does she know this? 
    • Practice consent at home.
    • Prepare for different situations
  1. Define your values around sex with your daughter.
    • Do you believe in abstinence? 
    • Have you defined abstinence with your daughter?
    • Do you know why you have the values you have? Does she?
    • Never use shame
  2. The importance of using correct anatomical words as well as the importance of knowing the slang words.
    • You shouldn’t feel uncomfortable using correct anatomical words.
    • Be a source your daughter can use when she hears words at school.