Episode 10 - Saying Sorry Part II Cover Pic
In this second part of a two-part series, we talk all about the sticky parts of saying sorry. These things can make us feel uncomfortable, but they’re reality, so we need to discuss them. We can help our daughters know how to cope with the difficult parts of apologizing. 
  1. What to do when your apology isn’t accepted
    • Don’t take your apology back
    • Don’t get defensive
    • Give them space
    • Show you’re sorry with your actions
  1.  When saying sorry can backfire  
    • When you don’t change
    • They can use your apology against you
    • They might feel pressured to forgive before they’re ready
    • They might lose respect for you
  1. How to live without over apologizing.
    • Re-phrase instead of saying sorry (i.e. Thanks for being patient)
    • Know what you should and shouldn’t apologize for
    • Don’t apologize for who you are – if you’ve given conscious thought, you don’t need to apologize for what you think or do.