For this episode, we interviewed a very impressive, recently-graduated teen named Mia. She shares with us advice she would give to younger teens, and gives great ideas for conversations moms can have with their daughters. The relationship Mia has with her mom is exactly what Penny and Steph are aiming for with their daughters, and they ended the interview feeling encouraged to talk with and support their daughters the way Mia’s mom has talked with and supported her.  The talking points include:

  1. Don’t care what other people think of you
    • You can’t change your face or other things about you, so love yourself as you are
    • You can get through embarrassing times
  2. Do the things you love
    • Make sure things you love aren’t taking you away from the important things
    • Don’t be afraid to switch things up
    • Finding the balance between all of the things you balance as a teen
  3. Don’t judge others
    • Ideas to steer clear from gossiping
    • Remember you don’t know what others are going through
  4. Stand out and be different
    • Doing things that are scary can help you get to know people you wouldn’t otherwise reach out to
    • Don’t be afraid to be vulnerable and let people know about the good and the hard in your life