14 - Conflict Resolution

In this episode, we discuss strategies to teach your teen about conflict. This is an important life skill that will help your daughter be successful in all aspects of life.  

  1. Conflict is a necessary part of life.
    •  There are many ways we deal with conflict poorly, which often end with negative consequences.
    •  Conflict CAN be positive and improve relationships.
  2. Come Prepared.
    • Don’t make it personal.
    • Tell the story from the other person’s perspective.
    • Decide if you’re willing to negotiate.
    • Answer 3 questions:
      • What do I want for myself?
      • What do I want for others?
      • What do I want for this relationship?
  3. Follow the Steps
    • Schedule ahead of time.
    • Establish respectful language.
    • Concisely retell the story.
    • Stay in the present.
    • Let them talk.
    • Restate the problem with both points of view.
    • Admit your part and apologize.
    • Negotiate
    • If necessary, reevaluate the relationship.