016 - Racism Follow-Up

We don’t want to fail to follow up on what we talked about in episode 3. We said then that it was just a beginning, and we have continued to learn and try to act. Racism in the news comes and goes, but that doesn’t mean we can become apathetic. We need to continue talking with our daughters. 

  1. Becoming better allies
    • Becoming an anti-racist growth chart (see below)
    • What an ally looks like
    • Rallies, BLM signs
    • Supporting POC businesses
    • Conversations with friends
  2.  Noticing how we think.
    • How we see POC
      • IG accounts showing how black kids feel in a majority white school (see below)
    • How we view issues all around us.
  3. Continuing to educate ourselves
    • Books we’ve read
    • Other resources
      • YouTube (see below)
      • Examples of Microaggressions (see below)
    • Diversifying our feed
      • @privtoprog
      • @ohhappydani
      • @savethechildren 
      • @teenhealthdoc
      • @equalitylabs (Indian culture right now)