017 - Addiction Web Pic

Addiction is something that is near and dear to Penny’s heart because it has affected people that she loves. Teens are especially prone to addiction, so it is vital to talk to our daughters about this to help them know how to prevent future problems. 

  • Teen Brains are especially susceptible to addiction
    • Risk Factors: Biology, Environment, Immature Brain development
    • Teen Brain uses emotional center and is hardwired to learn. It’s better at learning addiction than an adult brain.
  • Teens are addicted to a lot of different things
    • Drugs, alcohol, smoking, vaping, pornography, exercise, shopping, gambling, smartphones, and the internet
  • Effects of Addiction are long-lasting
    • Harder to unlearn 
    • Missed opportunities
    • Can cause brain to stay in the emotional part and not mature to use the frontal lobe.
    • Inability to pay attention and focus.
  • Signs of addiction to watch for
    • Most addictions share signs
      • Depression and anxiety
      • Withdrawl
      • Changes in sleep/eating patterns
      • Irritability
      • Dropping Grades
  • What to do if you suspect your teen has a problem
    • Talk!
    • Offer unconditional love
    • Validate
    • Find better ways to fill their needs
    • Find treatment if necessary