022 - Interview with Stephanie Webb copy copy

We are so excited to share this interview with you! Stephanie Webb is a nutrition coach and co-founder of Eating Confident Co., an online nutrition coaching practice.⁠  We learned so much about simplifying the way we talk to our girls about food and how to manage the questions and concerns teenage girls often have about nutrition. Stephanie is smart, funny, and authentic. We really think you’ll love this episode. ⁠


How to eat well without over-complicating it

  • Food and nutrition doesn’t need to be complicated – it shouldn’t be
  • We need to teach our daughters that their bodies are good


A few nutrition basics for teens

  • The four pillars of nutrition are: Eat regularly, Eat adequately, Eat variety, and Eat what you love


The best source of information and how to access it

  • Your body is the best place you can go to figure out what you need
  • You don’t need programs or books or specialists


What to do when you feel off balance

  • How you’re doing with food tells you how you’re doing with life 
  • Take shame away from negative eating experiences (like over-eating) and make a plan for next time that is more helpful and can better meet your needs