27 - Why We Hate Pictures of Ourselves

It’s a pretty common problem… We have a picture taken of us, and we think we look fine when it’s being taken, and then we view the picture later, and we’re shocked! “That’s what I look like?!”

Let’s help our daughters understand why this happens and how to get comfortable with pictures of themselves (and maybe us moms can learn a little about this too?).

The science behind why we don’t like our pictures

  • Self-enhancement bias
  • Mere exposure effect
  • Confirmation bias

How to get comfortable with pictures of ourselves

  • Use mere exposure effect to your advantage
  • Cultivate happiness while pictures are being taken
  • Understand the power of lenses, dimensions, and angles.

Why selfies are dangerous

  • Taking selfies is normal
  • Be aware what category you’re falling under when you take/post a selfie
  • If you notice unhealthy patterns, look for what emotional needs you need met
  • Don’t take stupid, dangerous selfies on cliffs 🙂