29 - Setting Boundaries Part 1

Boundaries are so important. And can be so hard! Because boundaries are so vital, we have split this topic into a 2-part series. Part 1 will focus on how parents can set boundaries with their teen. Part 2 will focus on how teens can set boundaries in their own life.  

The basics of setting up boundaries

  • How boundaries benefit teens (even if they won’t admit it!)
  • Do preparation work before talking with your teen
  • Tips for how to set up boundaries

How to deal with boundary testing

  • Be firm and consistent
  • Give respect to get respect

Keys to enforcing consequences

  • Remember that pushing boundaries is normal teen behavior (and healthy developmentally!) 
  • If they break the agreed-upon deal:
    • Reiterate the deal broken
    • Allow natural consequences
    • If natural consequences don’t apply, cooperatively decide on a fitting consequence
    • Follow through (so hard!)
  • Provide positive reinforcement when they do comply
  • Spend time talking about a ton of other things besides boundaries