023 – Time Management

We’re not sure there’s ever been more pressure on our teens to figure out their own schedules and manage their time wisely than right now. Whatever your daughter is doing for school during a pandemic, chances are she needs to be on her A-game with her school work. ⁠Our teens balance school, work, music lessons, friends, family responsibilities, school responsibilities, sports teams, and who knows what else. It’s tough! We’ve been doing a lot of research into simple ways to teach teens how to manage their time (hopefully without making them defensive). Listen in today to see what we’ve come up with.⁠

022 – Interview with Stephanie Webb

We are so excited to share this interview with you! Stephanie Webb is a nutrition coach and co-founder of Eating Confident Co., an online nutrition coaching practice.⁠ We learned so much about simplifying the way we talk to our girls about food and how to manage the questions and concerns teenage girls often have about nutrition. Stephanie is smart, funny, and authentic. We really think you’ll love this episode. ⁠

021 – Why You Should Tell Your Teen She’s Not Special

Stick with us on this one. It sounds harsh. We know your daughter is special. But this episode will help you understand that dangers of focusing on her special-ness. We want our daughters to thrive, but we also want them to avoid the pitfalls of thinking they need to always be the best.

020 – Healthy Romance

Crushes and love are a HUGE part of the teen years. But are we talking with our daughters about what healthy romance looks like? Or are we leaving it to the movies and social media to teach them? Let’s make sure we’re talking about love with our girls.

019 – Girls and Porn

We interview Brittney all about teenage girls and porn in this episode. As a teenager, Brittney secretly watched porn. She talks about how she got started, why she kept watching, and why she thinks it’s important that moms talk with their teen girls about this subject.

018 – Period Basics

The goal of this conversation is to help normalize and educate our daughters all about periods. They hate it, but it’s really important they know what’s happening with their bodies, and that there’s nothing gross or wrong with it.

017 – Addiction

Addiction is something that is near and dear to Penny’s heart because it has affected people that she loves. Teens are especially prone to addiction, so it is vital to talk to our daughters about this to help them know how to prevent future problems. 

016 – Racism – A Follow-Up

We don’t want to fail to follow up on what we talked about in episode 3. We said then that it was just a beginning, and we have continued to learn and try to act. Racism in the news comes and goes, but that doesn’t mean we can become apathetic. We need to continue talking with our daughters. 

015 – Budgeting and Teens

It may be a boring topic, but it is vital! This episode covers how to get your teens motivated to do a budget, and how to help them stick with it.