026 – Helping Your Teen Cope with Big Things

We remember as teens being so so scared about earthquakes, fires, LA Riots, Nuclear war, gangs, kidnappers, etc. etc. The world has a lot of scary stuff! Can we say hello to 2020? Stuff like this is becoming very real and present with our kids because it seems like bad things happen every day, and now we have a more global and constant news cycle because of the internet. Listen in to learn how you can help your daughter cope with these big things.

025 – Sharing Your Messy Stuff with Your Teen

It’s so tempting to try and hide any negative feelings or experiences we’re having from our daughters – we don’t want them to worry, and we want to be tough, and we so badly want to be as strong and perfect as possible for them!! But, let’s be honest, they can usually tell when something’s up, and not knowing makes them worry MORE. Also, when we don’t share any negative experiences or feelings we’re having, we don’t model how to handle and express them. This is a huge missed opportunity! So this is what we want to talk about today. This is a little different format than our usual because the talking points aren’t necessarily topics you should talk with your daughter about, but instead are ideas for why and how you can talk with your daughter about your hard stuff when the need arises.