021 – Why You Should Tell Your Teen She’s Not Special

Stick with us on this one. It sounds harsh. We know your daughter is special. But this episode will help you understand that dangers of focusing on her special-ness. We want our daughters to thrive, but we also want them to avoid the pitfalls of thinking they need to always be the best.

013 – Nutrition in Teen Athletes

This episode is all about talking to your teen athlete about what she eats. We both have teen athletes and are passionate about helping our daughters fuel their bodies so they can perform their best.

006 – Orthorexia with Emily Fonnesbeck

We interviewed dietician, Emily Fonnesbeck, for this episode. We discussed with Emily all about the eating disorder orthorexia – what it is, how to prevent it, and what to do if you’re worried about your daughter.

002 – What Our Bodies Can DO

The conversation in this episode is about body image. It’s a huge topic, so this conversation is focused on what our bodies can do more than what they look like.